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Welcome to the temporary home of Dixie "LIVE" on the Continental Divide Trail. From April, you can visit her on We hope to see you there.

Mar 27, 2018

Dixie and Steve discuss her upcoming hike, with her final gear choices and who she's going to miss most of all!! Perk will be driving down from New York to collect Dixie and they will head for the New Mexico border during this last week of March. She tells us that Aaron, her video editor will also be coming along for the hike.

Remember, this is the second of three FREE episodes, intended to give you a flavor of the show. Once you've heard all three–and if you want to subscribe to the show–head on over to the homepage of where, from Sunday, April 1, you'll see Dixie's show. Click on the "Listen to Dixie" button and you'll be directed to the signup page.

We hope to see you there.