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Welcome to the temporary home of Dixie "LIVE" on the Continental Divide Trail. From April, you can visit her on We hope to see you there.

Mar 30, 2018

Steve caught up with Dixie the day before she set off for New Mexico. She was in that "I'm not quite there yet" mode, yet with Perk in her home, she is already drifting into those camp rituals. They'll be picking up Aaron and, as Perk has a friend with him, their "tramily" of four is already set.

If you've enjoyed the show so far and would like to join Dixie on her journey, we hope to be recording a couple of times each week and publishing virtually straight away. This show is ONLY going to be available on, a new site that will be open on Sunday, April 1. There will be three free shows as well as Dixie's paid show. Scroll down to Dixie's show, click on the "Listen to Dixie" button, and you'll reach a page to sign up for the show through Paypal. You DO NEED a Paypal account and can pay with your credit card.

Once you've signed up, you'll just have to log in when a new episode is available. I will be emailing you when I publish a new episode, so it will be ready for you when you log in.

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