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Welcome to the temporary home of Dixie "LIVE" on the Continental Divide Trail. From April, you can visit her on We hope to see you there.

Apr 28, 2018

Got a text from Jessica today and caught up with her at over 8,000 feet where she had a decent phone signal. Plenty of sound effects in this one, with the click of her poles and her footsteps clearly audible.

Apr 23, 2018

We had a few connections issues last evening but eventually managed to speak. Dixie is nearly 200 miles into the hike and seems to be enjoying herself. With water no longer an issue–50 river crossings took care of that–she is starting to really enjoy herself.

Unfortunately, she lost touch with Perk for several...

Apr 17, 2018

We caught up again this morning, this time from Silver City. Dixie shares her water-gathering habits and her first 20+ mile day. She announces the date of the first video from the trail release and does her bit for conservation.

As always, she is chatty and engaging, despite an unrelenting wind in the desert.


Apr 13, 2018

I caught up with Dixie in the same place as before, Lordsburg, NM. She had returned to the trail by shuttle and hiked back into the same town. She's already getting into her stride and experiencing the desolate (her word) landscape.

The three of them have already encountered what Dixie referred to as a Dust Devil....

Apr 9, 2018

We caught up in town where Dixie and the team had shuttled to after three days on the trail. Somebody's been "doo-doohing like a goose," which is apparently a quaint southern term!